Best Financial Advice: Read Your Bible Daily

Survey reveals surprising financial, debt, and giving/tithing practices of 1000 Christian families

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By Brian Kluth, Author of the bestselling Bible devotional and Speaker for the radio program and eDevotional  Contact:  Cell: 719-930-4000

What is the best financial advice you will ever receive?  The surprising answer based on research results from over 1000 Christian families is to read your Bible on daily.

The 2nd annual View from the Pew research shows that the more faithful someone is in their daily Bible reading, the better financial healthy they will have less debt and more giving.

Over 1000 Christian households participated in the second annual View from the Pew surveys, a collaborative research project by my Maximum Generosity ministry and Christianity Today International.  Survey participants provided the following valuable insights into how the economy has impacted their employment, finances, debts, and giving/tithing. 

Daily Bible Readers Have Less Debt

For those who consistently read their Bible every day, they have less mortgage payments, car payments, or unpaid credit cards.  The less people read their Bible the more likely they were to have more debts among survey participants.  Brian Kluth, author of the bestselling 40 Day Journey to a More Generous Life Bible devotional indicated there are likely three major reasons for this clear difference.  Kluth says, “The first reason would be that discipline in one’s spiritual life often leads to greater disciplines in other areas of one’s life, including how someone manages their finances.  The second reason is that those who consistently spend time in the Scriptures are tapping into God’s wisdom and guidance for their daily financial decisions.  The third reason is that the Bible teaches people that true contentment doesn't come from getting everything you want, but by being thankful for everything you already have."

Daily Bible Readers Give More Generously

Frequent Bible readers (4-7 days per week) are more than twice as likely to give 10% or more of their income to God’s work at their church and other ministries.   While many people might think that the amount of wealth a person has would determine the level of a person’s giving, it is actually a person’s spiritual discipline and Biblical convictions that determines if someone will be a faithful and generous giver.  Daily Bible reading leads people to a conviction that God is their true Provider and they are to be generous with whatever resources God entrusts to them during their lifetime.

Kluth’s bestselling 40 Day Bible devotional has over 400,000 copies in print and has been used by over 1300 churches to inspire greater generosity and increased giving among the families in their congregation.  Kluth said, “We have seen that getting couples and families into the Word of God, especially Scriptures on the topic of finances and giving, will unleash generosity in a church in ways they have never experienced.”

For more details/graphs on the View from the Pew research (and the companion research among 1000 churches on giving, budgets, and financial/generosity teaching), go to:

BRIAN KLUTH is a Pastor, Author, Researcher, and Radio Speaker for the eDevotional.  His bestselling 40 Day devotional has been used by over 1300 churches to inspire generosity and increase giving.  He also is the founder of website and free eNewsletter for pastors and church leaders.  Contact information: Cell: 719-930-4000.