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10 MILLION Americans "TITHE" $50+ BILLION

Ground-breaking detailed national research on "TITHERS":

Where they give, how much they give, how they give, debts, estate, and more!

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This 30-page eReport includes...

  • 20 Truths & Trends from 4,413 Tithers

  • 26 Graphs and Charts

  • 20 Observations/Applications for pastors, churches, and parachurch nonprofits

  • 5 Keys to Growing Givers & Giving

  • 50 Best Practices & 80 Websites to Increase Giving

  • 12-Month Planning Calendar

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This is just 1 of 26 media graphs about "TITHERS"...


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BRIAN KLUTH, is the Publisher of the annual State of the Plate generosity research, bestselling author and speaker, and America's Giving Guy for media interviews.

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Budgeting, and Generosity Initiatives


15 Graphs & 18 pages of Cutting Edge Research, Facts, Stats, and Trends

This ground breaking research will reveal the financial, giving, and spiritual practices of more than 4400 survey participants from mainline, evangelical, non-denominational, Baptist, and other groups. Co-sponsors of this national research include Christianity Today International magazines, ECFA in Washington DC, MAXIMUM Generosity, and ECCU.  


PASTOR BRIAN KLUTH, Founder of the State of the Plate, MAXIMUM Generosity, and the Generosity Resource Center - Email - Website

MARIAN LIAUTAUD, Editor for Christianity Today International - Website

DAN BUSBY, President of ECFA in Washington D.C. - Website

MARK HOLBROOK, President/CEO of ECCU - Website