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WISE GIVING Q&A Video Series: 25 Commonly Asked Questions About Tithing, Giving, and Charitable Donations (scroll down to see below)

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  • Publisher: BRIAN KLUTH, Bestselling Author & Giving Expert

  • Cell/text: 719.930.4000  Email  Landline: 303.346.5332 

  • Available 24/7 by phone or for interviews, talk shows, and news stories from Denver or nationwide by arrangement

  • Publicist: SABRINA GUICE  Email Phone: 404-414-8686

  • MEDIA HELPS: We can provide personal interviews, talk show interviews, research results, charts/graphs, and other people to interview for a news story or segment (other experts - pro & con, connections to religious/church leaders in various states/cities, scholars, and access to individuals who practice tithing).

  • TV & VIDEO SAMPLES:  Interviews on CNN, NBC, CBS, CBN.

  • SAMPLE VIDEOS OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: 25 Commonly Asked Questions About Tithing and Giving (scroll down)

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"WISE GIVING" Q&A Video Series

25 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions on Giving & Tithing


In addition to publishing the annual State of the Plate research on Christian giving, Brian Kluth produced the following 25 short Q&A videos in partnership with ECFA in Washington DC and the Maclellan Foundation.

  • Questions #1-#9 provides practical answers to commonly asked questions about charitable giving.

  • Questions #10-#25 provides biblical insights and answers to questions on giving, tithing, and generosity.

CLICK on questions to watch 1-2 minute "Wise Giving" Videos

  1. What are 5 best tips for making smart donations?

  2. What should people know about an organization before giving a donation?

  3. How can people stop receiving so many fundraising letters, emails, texts, phone calls, and solicitations?

  4. How can people avoid charity scams?

  5. How can people find information about charities and churches?

  6. According to the IRS, what are the 5 most common non-cash donations people make?

  7. How can people find good organizations to support?

  8. What are 5 ways parents can teach their children to be more generous?

  9. What is EFT, online, internet, text, and mobile app giving? Is this a good idea to give this way?

  10. What is tithing? Should Christians tithe? Isn't tithing only part of the Old Testament law?

  11. Should people give if they are in debt?

  12. What is the difference between tithes and offerings?

  13. What does the Bible teach about where to give?

  14. What are the 7 keys to becoming more generous?

  15. How important is it to faithfully support your local church?

  16. 23 things the Bible teaches about giving and generosity.

  17. As a Christian, why should people make it a priority to give financial gifts to the LORD's work?

  18. How much should people give and where should they give?

  19. What if my spouse doesn't want me to give?

  20. What if people can't afford to donate money, can't they just donate their time--isn't that enough?

  21. Are people required to give all of their donations only to their church?

  22. If someone wants to start tithing, should they give 10% of the NET or GROSS amount of their paycheck--before or after taxes?

  23. If someone wants to start giving 10% or more to God's work, but they are afraid, what should they do?

  24. What are some helpful Christian devotionals and books that can teach me about living generously?

  25. What are the 5 different responses people have about giving to God?


Possible interview questions that Brian could be asked about this 5-year study

  1. What motivated you to start this research 5 years ago?

  2. Why did you think it was so important it is so important to study this group of people - - Christians that give 10% or more?

  3. Your research indicates "tithers" are better off in 9 financial categories than "non-tithers".  Don't you think tithers give because they are better off financially than others and they can afford to give?

  4. Why are you so passionate about teaching and encouraging people to be more generous?

  5. What is the most surprising thing you discovered in your research?

  6. Do you think the Bible requires Christians to give 10% or more?

  7. Mitt Romney's tax returns put tithing in the national news headlines.  What's the difference between Mormon tithing and tithing by Christians in mainline and mainstream denominations?

  8. If tithers one day stopped giving, what do you think would happen to churches and Christian non-profits and charities?

  9. Isn't it hard to encourage people to be givers when so many are struggling with debt and a soft economy?

  10. What's your take on the prosperity gospel?  Do you believe that God wants everyone rich?

  11. Since so many people struggling financially and are not faithful givers, what are the best things you have discovered that churches can to do teach and encourage people to be more generous?

  12. Most philanthropy research shows that women are the main givers of donations, but your tithing research showed it was fairly split -- 40% men, 35% women, and 25% both.  Why do you think there is a difference?

  13. Your research indicate people's Bible reading habits seems to have a direct impact on people's debts and giving?  Why do you think this is?

  14. Who are other respected experts and scholars in the field of religious philanthropy that would have similar research or who would disagree with the concept of tithing?

  15. What can you tell us about the co-sponsors of this research?

  16. Do you think the government's attempts to change the IRS rules on charitable giving will have any impact on giving to religion and to tithers in particular?

  17. What do you hope will be accomplished through the STATE of the PLATE research you conduct each year?



State of the Plate Annual Research on Church & Christian Giving - Brian Kluth, Publisher - Denver, CO - - Cell/text: 719.930.4000 - Landline: 303.346.5332

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